We provide this Service to all our clients depending on our Local and International long range experiences in Environmental studies of Kurdistan Region. We Provide Several Studies as below: - Forbes Manhattan Resources\ Chia Surkh\ Seismic Survey\ Maidan Area\ 2008 - Forbes Manhattan Resources\ Chia Surkh\ CSK-10 Exploration Well\ Maidan Area\ 2010 - Forbes Manhattan Resources\ Chia Surkh\ CSK-11 Exploration Well\ Maidan Area\ 2011 - Niko Resources\Qaradagh\ Seismic Survey\ Qaradagh Area\ 2008. - Niko Resources\Qaradagh\ Exploration Well-1\ Qaradagh Area\ 2009. - Niko Resources\Qaradagh\ Exploration Well-2\ Qaradagh Area\ 2012. - Heritage Oil\Miran\Seismic Survey\ Tasluja area\ 2007. - Bazian Refinery\ Bazian\ Refining Process\ Bazian Area\ 2009. - Tawer Cement factory\ Bazian\Cement factory\ Bazian Area\2011. - Gasprom\Shakal\ Seismic Survey\ Maidan area\2013. - UKOR Company \ Bazian\ Refinery Project\ Bazian Area\ 2015