About Company Wza Company Ltd. is a Private oil service provider, covering Upstream, Midstream and Downstream in the oil industry. Wza Co. represents the Oil and Gas Sector with Nokan group, which is among the largest industrial and invested companies in Kurdistan region and Iraq. Our branches are open and varied and have had an economic impact on the cement industry, real estate, telecommunication, aviation, energy, security, logistics, agriculture… etc. Wza Company is run and managed by Parwen Babaker Hama Agha, supported by a team of senior petroleum consultants.

Our Strengths


Wza company implements all its projects with all the aspects of (oil, gas, geology, industry, engineering, consultancy, natural sources….etc).

through an experienced staffs with the aim of dedicating high quality to the customers, and building a strong bridge of relation which is based on integrity.

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Wza depends on a consultant board that has experienced members in the KRG that are accredited in the areas of .

(governmental, legal, energy, engineering, commercial, agricultural, and industrial)

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We emphasize on using the latest technology for enhancing our capability of discovering new opportunities

and making more progress in our company and projects.

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Environment and safety

One of our major concerns is to protect the environment and sustainable implications since the petro chemical industry can highly affect the ecosystem,

so the environments responsibility is our duty. Also protecting the archeological sites from ancient times is an ethical obligation to us..

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For enriching the occupational ability of the staff and heightening the quality of our jobs, we are continually training our staff.


1. Active participation in all oil and gas related services from exploration to production phases.
2. An effective cooperation with other partners as an initial step towards a real contribution to the petrochemical industries.
3. Cooperation with other relevant sectors such as fertilizer productions.
4. Provision of low cost, short term and effective Directional and Vertical drilling as well as a wide spectrum of related services, taking all international demands and Local inputs into consideration.
5. Contribution to establish electric power stations and supplying needed fuel for them.
6. Effective participation in the development of human resources through increasing their professional and technical skills. In addition to, increase more job opportunities to the Kurdish youth.

CEO’s Message

Welcome to Kurdistan
welcome to Wzas Company. We want to work today and make a difference for tomorrow. It is never too late to start work tru ... e , yesterday is gone, but tomorrow is yet. Today is the right time and we are ready to endeavor and pace forward. We want to achieve what is yet to be, and we have the passion and skills to do so. God had given us natural resources; thus, having what it takes to stand out and shine in the Middle East. We want to show the world we can be successful and different as well; we welcome investors and business owners across the world to endeavor alongside while promoting transparency and prevailing over corruption. Petroleum, oil, gas, water, and all the energy sources exist to serve humanity; we believe that the energy resources should be utilized to serve the humankind, and simultaneously, humans serve the sector to prolong it for their benefit. Our desire is that every deed is directed for the good of humans, in doing so, returning value and significance to humankind. Whatever is in the interest of humanity and our nation, we want to work for. Both, employment of the youth and economic benefits together we consider as profit. We want to improve the aspects in need of attention, and in doing so, leaving our mark. Adding, I believe that protecting the environment and maintaining a healthy climate is far greater than any political and economic achievements; every work we start, we first consider its impact on the environment, and our priority is the environment; the significance of a tree is nothing less than a factory. Therefore, intentions in working is summarized in the following points; maintaining healthy communication & network, promoting successful business, protecting the environment, establishing suitable work environment, providing job opportunities, contributing to a bright future, constructing a strong economic infrastructure, and becoming a developed country. Why Us? Wzas Company has worked tirelessly for over 2 decades to improve all aspects of their services. With quality being at the core of operations, along with a commitment to maintain the highest international standards, our clients are guaranteed results that exceed expectations. Despite the abundance of petroleum companies in the region, Aland continues to stand out above the rest. Our track record shows continued excellence evident from our ever-growing list of valuable clients. The Krg is, under registration No. 1949, Date 31-3-2014, and registered in MNR No.574. We have key people relating to company activities and our company registered in MNR in these services: Our team of experts has worked around companies all around the Middle-East

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Quality Management System

We believe using International Standards in our work takes a great role to get high quality results. WZA Company in (25th Sep.2015) got a registered certification for QMS ISO 9001:2008. Our future plan is getting both (ISO 14001 and 18001) Certifications in Health, Safety and Environment Systems.

Our Quality Policy

WZA provides high quality services and products that meet customer requirements. We believe that customer satisfaction cost competitiveness and business success are derived from achieving high standards of quality. WZA’s top management and employees are committed to maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to (ISO 9001:2008), developing and motivating the Company’s Human Resources, as well as establishing our quality objectives.

Our Address

House No.2, Bakhtiary Qt.111, Main Salim Str. Sulaimani Kurdistan Region � Iraq

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